Because music at school

It is true, we often hesitate to start of the little ones to learn music; see you in the mirror reflections and a little deformed monstrous parents who "torturing" children with scales and arpeggios to become of Mozart in the 16th. No, we should not fall for this misunderstanding. When our children begin primary school we have no doubts about the rightness of the fact that they must learn to "read, write and do arithmetic", and whether or not they feel like we take them and we care ... If a kid in fifth grade still stumbles about syntax, we wonder what kind of masters had if after five years ...

That's normal, right, obvious alphabetize our children, and it should be just as alfabetizzarli in the language of music, like the English, more English. A foreign language can serve, indeed will need, but we think that our son will have to become an interpreter. Music should become (in our heads before all) a conviction gained. Knowing the music does not mean simply being able to bring out some sound instrument listenable, means developing brain areas, knowing how to appreciate and differentiate all echoing around us, developing a method and discipline, learn that only by working step by step you get satisfactory results.

We believe that music should be studied, sweaty, conquered. We believe that music for children should not be the exclusive preserve of sons of musicians who are born with a violin in the delivery room, we believe that teach music to be with others in a "harmonica", knowing the right time to recognize listen and what to play, knowing going in time with others and without feeling the need to raise the volume to be popular knowing support and be supported.

We strongly believe in music pedagogy, we believe and we dream of a world of good people who don't "steal time" but respect him and waiting for him.


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