English, Spanish, French and. .. Linus School

The Linus School believes that study is not as appropriate as necessary, both because children aged 3-10 are ideal conditions for being "immersed" in a foreign language, both because this involves awareness of the existence of cultures, nationalities, different interests: in other words, create the conditions for a real integration.

In the academic year 2014-2015 Linus School's offer consists of curricular path (in the morning) and optional afternoon activities. In the morning, studying English and Spanish with Ivana and Becky Brown Mooney. Children aged six to ten years are introduced to the foreign culture through games, stories and songs upon learning of phonetic, grammatical structures and basic morphological. In the afternoon the children aged three to six years are Creative English and have fun with games that use voice, body, the songs. Even children between seven and nine years take their first steps in learning to ask for real communication, respond and interact. The Linus School also offers preparation courses for Cambridge Esol Young learners and a French language course.

In the academic year 2015-2016 the Linus School becomes bilingual Italian/English school. For all classes of primary school to the current hours of English will add 4-5 hours of teaching of curriculum subjects (science, geography, meaningful activities and motor activity) with bilingual teacher or in combination with the English language specialist, even native speakers. Over 25% of the hours spent in school educational activities will be carried out using the bilingualism, so children should be "exposed" to the second language (English) with methods similar to those of the first (Italian), in order to facilitate learning in a "natural" way.

We strongly believe in bilingual education and for this reason we have decided to extend also to kindergarten, where daily children activities take place in English, ilngua in respect of their learning time and who derive pleasure in attending our school.


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