Primary School

In our school are activated several aggregation behavior of the disciplines. Each teacher, according to the annual schedule, find the way to a comprehensive time management school, bearing in mind the needs of the students and respecting their times and learning rhythms.

To ensure the coherence of the educational project the teachers agree to:
1. define educational objectives-common training that must be taken into account in the specific programmes;
2. locate "shared attitudes" in order to act against children;
3. agree with pupils and rules of daily life at school;
4. implement projects and shared experiences.

In each class work normally:

the teacher of the class;
a teacher support for integration and inclusion in classes in which pupils with specific learning difficulties and certificate and/or report;
experts in motor activities, plays, music and English language teaching.

Primary school hours

Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 13.30.

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